😎 Goodbye Summer ... Hello Winter Shoe Collection 👠

Hello Curvy-soled sisters!
We hope you all are well, living your best life and enjoying the last days of this beautiful summer weather. It’s been almost three weeks since Meuz went live and what an experience it has been. We thought we would show some love to our loyal Meuz customers and share with you all a little piece of this amazing shoe journey that we are grateful to be apart of.
We have been very busy. Still working full-time amongst the clouds (testing our ‘Corporate Cloud Collection’ samples), fully dedicated to family commitments, working on current Meuz operations and developing our Winter Collection. 
We may sound like we are have it all sorted, but we are only human. We have made mistakes, had unexpected obstacles and put a lot of ‘shoe stress’ on our support systems - our poor husbands 💍🤵🏽😆 We have countless late nights working with our suppliers; creating, developing and building our future collections. Checking, double checking and triple checking the level of quality, comfort and style of every pair of Meuz shoes. We could go on - what's the word limit for this blog? 😆 
Even though this journey is hard work; it is also extremely rewarding, humbling and so amazing to see a dream of ours take shape and become our reality.
We are very excited to receive samples of our creations, confirm bulk orders and finally share our new styles of shoes with you all.
We are pretty positive soles (obvious pun haha), enjoying every second of this shoe rollercoaster and sharing so many laughs along the way. From Suez discovering her inner artist creating shoe drawings any chance she gets, in between daycare and school runs, being the Super-Mum she is as well as working full-time; to Meelz setting firm deadlines but forgetting that she is always running on island time (which is either late or later haha). Such crazy lives. But, at least we have our priorities right - no matter how busy we get... we still make sure we don’t miss an episode of Married at First Sight 🙃😆🤭
We can’t wait to share what we have planned for the future of Meuz  🙌🏽 A snapshot of our planning process featured above with our #Youngest_Meuz_Goddess 🌺
Keep an eye out for new styles, competitions and of course … sales!
We also want to say a huge thank you to all our beautiful customers who have chosen to shop with Meuz! We truly appreciate your support ❤️
Be safe, be kind and always be-YOU-tiful 😘 
Meelz and Suez - Meuz xx

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