Come Through - Winter Shoes!

Hello Meuz Family,

We are now in the month of June (where has this year gone!). Almost 4 full months of online shopping with Meuz 🥳

As you may already know, we have just released our new winter stock and we couldn’t be happier. With great moments in life also comes struggle, but thats the beauty of our shoe journey. We worked hard to create our winter shoes as close as we had envisioned ...Then our samples were accidentally sent to Canada (further delaying our plans), and just as we were finally on the home stretch ... Our shipment was further delayed due to torrential weather overseas. Grateful to have a great business partner and friend - Suez, who never fails to pick me up and push Meuz through any obstacle.

Our stock finally arrived (check out our shipment boxes in this blog’s featured photo). We are so excited to finally be able to share our winter stock with you all. Thank you again to all our beautiful loyal Meuz customers ❤️ You never fail to uplift us with your continued support.

Apart from shoes, life has been trucking along nicely but I sometimes easily lose sight of the bigger picture in life.

Last week the beautiful group of girls I was lucky enough to attend college with (all girls school ... we all needed Jesus back then, our poor teachers 😂), were all re-connected through the sad loss of one of our most real, down to earth, true to herself, gangster (haha), unique individual boss lady that we used to kick it with. In all honesty it was a complete shock and emotions ran high. Too young to leave this earth. We started to reminisce about our college days and laughed about how cool we all thought we were 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 If anything this made us remember how precious relationships are, how time is priceless and how important it is to reach out to loved ones no matter how busy life gets or how long you haven’t been in contact ... it only takes 2 seconds to type a simple ‘Hi’ and press send. 

One of my all time favourite quotes is ... “The problem is, you think you have time - Buddha”

This quote is so pure, brutally honest and life never fails to remind you of this fact when loved ones are suddenly taken from this earth.

Love the people God sent you in life - One day he will need them back.

Wishing you nothing but the best week ahead! Be kind to everyone, especially yourself ❤️ Always remember that self-care isn’t being selfish - girlllll it’s your right to make yourself a priority 😎

Love from Meelz 💋 xx

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