Honouring the ones you love most

Hello Meuz Friends,

As we build up to our biggest sale yet, Mothers day, I reflect back to this time last year. My own Mothers health started to decline, and we unknowingly or unwillingly knew we would be preparing ourselves for the worst day of our lives as a family. 

My Mother Lealofia'ana Pepe Tagicakibau, born 25th April 1952, passed away in the early hours on Sunday 20th May 2019, surrounded by her children, nephew and the love of her life, my Dad.

If I could give some advice to someone who is supporting a loved one battling this awful disease, cancer (I use lower case because I don't want to give this word any honour at all) or anyone you love, it is,

- Tell them you love them every chance you get

- Listen and store moments big or small.

- Be present. 

- Hug them and physically touch them. Let your loved one feel your love.

- Shower them with everything you have, even if it means leaving you with an empty wallet

- Finally, don't leave things for later, time is so precious.

This brings me to Meuz. A way of dealing with my grief for me personally, was doing something I knew my mum would be proud of. This has been a major dream of mine and Meelz and its been a dream in the making for many years. Although we have a long way to go, I am almost certain our parents, our Angels above are beaming with pride watching us take a little idea on a piece of paper and bring it to life.


For our Angels xox


Thankful for my beautiful friend and business partner Meelz who captured this photo of my parents and I on my wedding day.

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