About Meuz

Meuz (pronounced Muse), is a collaboration between two curvy soled, empowered women.

Meelz & Suze (Meuz) met above the clouds over a decade ago as Flight Attendants and instantly became family. We have so much in common; upbringing, values, beliefs, family and ofcourse curvy soles! 

Both Meelz & Suze have lost a parent, a piece of our heart that can never be filled again. With this loss, came a genuine realisation of how precious life really is. We are so fortunate to still each have a parent to continue to guide us here on earth and the most supportive family that never fail to keep uplifting our dreams. Our team, our tribe, our Muse, are our motivation to chase our passion of..

“Empowering people to feel comfortable in the shoes they are in.”

Meuz is much more than a shoe brand to us. It is our way to connect with people, provide a service, change societal views of curvy soles and leave a legacy for our family to be proud of.

Thank you so much for coming on this sole journey with us. We never cease to feel humbled and grateful for the constant love and support.

Ofa Lahi Atu, Alofa Atu and Loloma,

Meelz & Suze