About Us

Meuz was dreamt up amidst fluffy clouds high above New Zealand, on the back of a humble Boeing 737 Aircraft by two "Curvy-Soled" Flight Attendants.

What started as a simple conversation over the struggle to find stylish, comfortable shoes, has since developed into years of planning and executing what we are proud to call Meuz today. 

What does Meuz mean exactly?

Meelz and Suez (Our nicknames combined), as well as the pronunciation of Meuz - "Muse" (creative inspiration).

To put it simply, our "Meuz" is our Family, our Heritage and our Legacy.

With quality, fashion and comfort at the forefront of our shoe collection, we expect our Customers to literally walk away with an extra hop in their step because finally... they are able to "fit in".

Meuz dreams of a World that allows larger shoe sized Women, to have the same pleasurable, shoe retail therapy experience, as an averaged shoe sized Woman.. that, and ofcourse - World Peace!