Custom Made Orders

Custom Made Orders Now Available on Selected Styles

Are you one of our unique sole Queens? Our custom made option is perfect for you. We understand there are soles much smaller or much larger than the sizes we currently offer. To accomodate all sole shapes and sizes we have our custom made option available for selected Meuz Styles at an additional cost.

Custom Order Styles (NZD):

Zealous: $250 per custom pair

Zealous Knee High: $250 per custom pair

Victorian Loafer: $190 per custom pair

Lofi Black/Silver Loafer: $180 per custom pair

Lola Heel: $210 per custom pair

Charisma Heel: $180 per custom pair

Nimbus High/Low: $205 per custom pair

 Custom Made Order Process:

1. Email

2. Meuz will provide measurement instructions as well as an estimated timeline.

For more information please email