Our Meuz behind our shoes

Lofi Loafer - The Lofi loafer is inspired by Suez's late mother, Lofi Tagicakibau, who passed away in May 2018. This particular style represents Mum completely, full of class and practicality. Always on the go and always doing that with style. Only wish she could've tested her Lofi Loafer for herself. 

The Victorian Loafer - Super comfy and embellished with gold studs fit for a Queen. The Victorian loafer will make anyone feel royal.

Saint Loafer - Our cream loafer with a tinge of pale pink is pure heaven. Simple and clean cut, this shoe allows you to pair with absolutely any outfit.

Velvet Vixen - For our modern female fox. The Vixen Heel is made for all classy & sassy events in your busy calendar year.

Charisma Heel - Comes in Black, Silver, Gold and Nude; compelling attractiveness/charm that can inspire devotion in others. 

Mulan Slide - This leopard print slide is inspired by the female warrior in us all. Extra padding and easy slip on caters to all our Meuz ladies either for everyday wear or the perfect pop of pattern for any evening event.

Tokyo Slide - The Tokyo slide is inspired by one of our most favourite countries, Japan. A fashion epicentre that has culture embedded throughout it’s history and landscape which is reflected in the Tokyo’s fashionable square toe / genuine leather band, and a nod to culture with a subtle rustic wooden lining of the insole.

Lola Heel - Named after Meel’z Tongan bombshell Grandma. Grandma Lola is the matriarch of our family and her special name has been passed down throughout the generations. All the Lola’s in Meel’z family are our muse for a strong, classy, timeless - yet sexy block heel to wear all year round.

Cruz Slip On - Our very first sneaker! We are so excited to add this style to our collection. This Cruz will have you effortlessly cruising through your busy day with comfort and style.

Zealous Boot & Knee High Zealous - This super soft leather boot is for all our Queens who are Zealous by nature. Passionate, fiery and strong when upholding their personal values and beliefs. Walk in these boots of fire on your path to victory.

Corporate Cloud Collection - Inspired by all our beautiful Airline staff working hard everyday to safely transport passengers above the clouds. This inspired us to give all corporate individuals the opportunity to walk on clouds with Meuz. Our Cirrus Heel (high heel named after a high cloud) and Stratus Heel (low heel named after a low cloud), both encompass quality, style and comfort for all our professionals in the corporate game. The newest arrival is our Nimbus High and Low Heel. We believe the Nimbus is our ‘best foot forward’ in the corporate range as it is our improved combined version of the already popular Cirrus & Stratus Heel.